A Novel
By Hannah "Alicorn" Blume
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Chapter Index:

  1. Chapter One: the Gate
  2. Chapter Two: the Cartographer
  3. Chapter Three: the Staircase
  4. Chapter Four: the Curiosipede
  5. Chapter Five: the Observation Deck
  6. Chapter Six: the Priory
  7. Chapter Seven: the Bet
  8. Chapter Eight: the City
  9. Chapter Nine: the Banquet
  10. Chapter Ten: the Bureau
  11. Chapter Eleven: the Throne
  12. Chapter Twelve: the River
  13. Chapter Thirteen: the Birds
  14. Chapter Fourteen: the Conway
  15. Chapter Fifteen: the Argument
  16. Chapter Sixteen: the Planetarium
  17. Chapter Seventeen: the Democracy
  18. Chapter Eighteen: the Zoo
  19. Chapter Nineteen: the Crown
  20. Chapter Twenty: the Stag
  21. Chapter Twenty-One: the Pebblesorter
  22. Chapter Twenty-Two: the Bikeshed
  23. Chapter Twenty-Three: the Tower
  24. Chapter Twenty-Four: the Climb
  25. Chapter Twenty-Five: the Princess
  26. Chapter Twenty-Six: the Escape
  27. Chapter Twenty-Seven: the Celebration
  28. Chapter Twenty-Eight: the World